Top 15 Best Belly Dancer in the World

If dancing is considered a globally loved language, then belly dancing takes the audience on a much deeper journey of magic and emotion. Here is the list of the most striking faces in the industry.


Belly dancing is truly a form of art. We may have come across many professional dancers across the globe, both on and off-screen; however, not everyone can excel in belly dancing. It is magical and impressive. No doubt, Belly dancers have the most craze and admiration from audiences across the globe. They are considered a Goddess of dance, filled with graceful moves and soulful performances.

We have gathered the best belly dancer names in the world today. You are in the right space if you love this craft and would like to know more about famous belly dancers.

Amelia Zidane

One of the finest belly dancers in the world, Amelia Zidane deserves to be at No. 1 on the list because she opted for dancing despite stiff opposition from her family. Few people know that she studied psychology and that she is trained in kids’ psychology. Like others her parents also wanted her to make a career in psychology. But she found her interest in belly dancing and went on to become one of the most popular belly dancers in the world. Today she choreographs and directs her programs.

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