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Nari | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

According to the Soccer Spirits art book, Nari is 19 years old. Etymology Nari, also spelled Naree, is a Korean feminine given name. Unlike most Korean names, which are composed of two Sino-Korean roots each written with one hanja, "Nari" is an indigenous Korean name: a single word meaning "lily". References

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Scouted Nari .... should I get her ? : soccerspirits

Rudy gives +208 +spirit, i think, extra while nari gives +400 (+) and on top of that extra crit chance. Not to mention with Artistic Soccer Nari passes give spirit, too. Nari is just better on all fronts, you may have a max superb Rudy but Nari has a 7* evolution and crit rate on her active pass.

Soccer Spirits : Soccer Spirits Tip : What is good card ...

Nari. She is the one top assistor in this game and only 7star assistor. She called Nari God in korea. There is no comparison target. What ever your Attribute, Nari is the best choice. Rating : 6 / 5. Whirlwind. Neraizel. She is the main assistor of Whirlwind.

Semiweekly Player Discussion & Guide: Nari (February 2017 ...

Nari wanted to be an intergalactic idol, but somehow she became a soccer player. She mixes her dancing skills with soccer, which enables her to make swift fancy moves. Her biggest fear is getting injured.

Nabi | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Nabi. A girl that possesses unbelievable talent when it comes to soccer. Her talents started to show when she was a little girl and her family decided to move abroad to a place where she could expand her wings the most. During middle school, she was a star in the European league.

Nari, where art thou? : soccerspirits

Nari, where art thou? I've been sitting on ~1800 GP for half a week now, scouting for someone good to recruit. Seeing as how I'm running a rainbow deck (with Beatrice as a striker) and don't really have a good assister at the moment Nari would definitely be the guy for the job...

Soccer Spirit Guide for Players: SS Guide (Rank 51 - 100)

Nari has perfect critical boost for Blade to destroy everyone on sight. Warning: If you are planning on using Jean, then make your mid similar to your front formation, with Jean as the Striker! Ardor/Light: Ace: Sammy/Milky Way; Lore Title: Blessed Earthlings; Key Players: Sammy, Silla & Sharr/Nari & Hiro, Yuri, Kei