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Does a win with an OT in a hockey game count as part of a win in sports betting? In two-way moneyline betting (no draws), overtime is included. However, in three-way moneyline betting where there ...

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The puck line is hockey’s version of the point spread. You can bet on if a team will win or lose by a set number of goals, most often 1.5 goals in NHL betting. Does overtime count in hockey betting?

Does a win with an OT in a hockey game count as part of a win ...

Answer (1 of 4): If an NHL game goes to overtime in the regular season, then one point is awarded (not the actual points awarded to determine standings, but a “point” to help books decide who “won”) to either the team that scores before the 5 minute period is over, or the team that wins the shoot...

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Does overtime count in ice hockey betting? Yes, overtime is generally counted in ice hockey betting unless stated otherwise. Shootouts also count for certain types of bets and will be explicitly stated if not counted in the betting guidelines beforehand.

Hockey Betting Rules, NHL and College Hockey Betting Rules

This option does NOT include overtime or a shootout. European Ice Hockey does include overtime or a shootout. NHL Betting Periods. The full 20 minutes of the period must be played to have action. International Ice Hockey Rules. All games must start on the scheduled date for bets to have action. Betting markets are based on scheduled 3 x 20 ...

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European/International Hockey. Unless specified otherwise in the game comments overtime does count towards wagers. All games must go 60 minutes to have action. All games must take place on the scheduled date for wagers to have action. If a venue change takes place, the wager will have action unless the home and away team are reverse. Live Wagering

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In Live Action Hockey betting, wagering is based on regulation time only for sides and totals, not including overtime unless otherwise stated in the wager details. Puck Line Betting Puck Lines wagers are where one team has a spread of -1.5, and the other team conversely has a spread of +1.5, each with their respective odds attached.

Quick Answer: Do Moneyline Bets Include Overtime?

Does overtime count in point spread? Betting on the game period spread, moneyline, or total (over/under) include any overtime scoring. Half-time (2nd Half) betting includes any overtime scores. Fourth Quarter betting does NOT include overtime scores. When betting action points on totals in college football, overtime is NOT included.