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Most NBA fans believe the height listed on websites is the exact height of the player but those measurements are actually the height of the player with shoes ON and rounded up. The age-old hoodwink has obviously been around pro and amateur sports for years, with players often getting one or two inches and 10-15 pounds tacked onto their build.

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Are athletes' heights typically measured with or without shoes?

The players on my old college’s basketball team were listed as much shorter than they actually were. Guys listed as 6’7 I barely came up to their shoulders (I am 6’2). Even the 6’2 player was taller than me, and I am really confident that my height measurement without shoes is accurate. I really can’t speak for the professionals though.

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That was his height without shoes from the combine, and he has just kept that as his listed height even though he has since grown (he actually admitted earlier this season that he is now 6'10.75" without shoes).

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Kevin Durant has been lying about his height for years. “For me, when I’m talking to women, I’m 7 feet. In basketball circles, I’m 6-9," he told the Wall Street Journal in 2016 .

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How Many Inches Do Basketball Shoes Add – Regular Shoe Sizing vs. Performance Regular shoes are meant to be worn regularly and with proper support, not for basketball or other athletic activities. While these types of shoes may give you a slight increase in height (1-2 inches), most will agree that this is not enough to make much of a difference.

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2002 NBA Pre Draft Measurement 2002 NBA Pre-Draft Camp Measurements Player Ht. w/out shoes Ht. w/ shoes Weight Wingspan Standing Reach Robert Archibald 6-10 6-11 250 6-11 3/4 9-1 1/2

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because they have two legit 7 footers with no shoes. Gasol is more like 7'2 in shoes and Bynum is probably 7'1. .. other so called 7 footers are more like 6'10 1/2/6'11. I am 5'10 3/4 without shoes so I just say I'm 5'11. Close enough. I would surely be listed at 6' in any level of basketball that measures height tho (because in shoes I'm 6').

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* Height listed has been measured without shoes. F O R W A R D S : G R A D E : B . 1. Lamar Odom, Rhode Island, 6 10*, 235, Sophomore. Lefty. S T R E N G T H S W E A K N E S S E S versatility immaturity basketball I.Q. inconsistent perimeter shot passing skills individual defense rebounding indecision ability to make teammates better


Height without shoes – 6′ 5.25″. Height with shoes – 6′ 6.5″. Weight – 207. Wingspan – 6′ 7.75″. Standing reach – 8′ 6″. Body fat % – 12.1. Notes – Stauskas had some good measurements today, but over 12% body fat seems a bit high. I am also looking forward to the physical testing to see how his improved athleticism ...