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IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System:

As you all know Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of Indian Railway and it has fourth largest railway network in the world.So it is a very big deal for Indian Railway how to handle all passenger and how we can meet customer satisfaction and for this, Indian Railway (IRCTC) upgrade his system time to time.So in 2014,  Indian Railways announced that the launch of its Next Generation Reservation System from IRCTC to make passenger travel easier.

IRCTC Next Generation system boasted a host of new easy-to-use features, including showing train availability for multiple dates, across multiple classes, in dedicated tabs.Indian Railway upgrades or launch IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System due to the heavy load of the passenger because millions of people are using Indian Railway services.Today, you can see IRCTC site is more stable than the previous one and it have lots of new features.With the help of IRCTC Next Generation e-ticketing system, you can easily book a ticket online and also have facilities to choose your seat or birth.IRCTC also gives login facilities to all passenger for a book a ticket online at home, now you can handle your IRCTC Next Generation account from home and no need to go nearest Railway Station.

IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System Facilities & Services -

With the help of IRCTC Next Generation, we can take advantage of its services and which are -

(I) Get Full Refund of IRCTC Ticket Cancellation - With the help of this IRCTC Next Generation e-ticketing system or service a user can get his/her refund against his Ticket cancellation.

=> Get IRCTC Ticket Full Refund Now

(II) IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Facilities - IRCTC  Next Generation e-Ticketing system also provides ticket cancellation facilities to all passenger who wants to cancel his/her ticket for any reason.

=> Cancel IRCTC Ticket Now

(III) IRCTC Train Enquiry Between Two Station - With the help of this service a user can check Train Schedule, Seat availability and Train Departure and Arrival time in an easy and fast way.

=> Check Train Enquiry Between Two Stations

(IV) IRCTC Next Generation Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket Service - IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing System also provides facilities to book a ticket online.IRCTC Tatkal Ticket service gives to all passenger who wants to book a journey ticket on very short notice.

=> Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Now

(V) IRCTC Sign Up or Registration Service - If you don't have a login account on IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System then you can generate or register yourself for it in very easy steps.

=> Create/Register/Sign Up IRCTC Account Now

(VI) IRCTC Login process on IRCTC Next Generation System - If you have IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing Login ID and Password then you can easily login to IRCTC site.

=> IRCTC Next Generation Login Now

(VII) IRCTC Fast Train Booking Process For Normal & Tatkal Tickets - With the help of this service you can easily Book a Normal or Tatkal ticket on IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing System and it is very effective and less time-consuming process.

=> Book IRCTC Fast Train Normal Ticket Now

So this is all about IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System and services.I hope you easily understand all the above information.With the help of IRCTC Next Generation facilities, you can take advantage of many services which are aligned with it.So if you don't have a login account with IRCTC, first register for it and take benefits of all services without paying anything.

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