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Get PNR Status By SMS:

Indian Railway (IRCTC) has largest Railway network in the world and it is counted as the backbone of Indian Tourism.Most of the people in the country prefer to travel via trains as compared to any other medium of travelling.As you all know in peak season like summer vacation or in the festive season there is lots of rush in Train.

Everyone wants to go home on this occasion and book a waitlist ticket and hope their tickets to get confirmed.

So here we will discuss how to check your ticket is confirmed or not with the help of SMS.When you book an offline or online ticket a PNR number is allocated to you.

PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit number which is mentioned on the top of the ticket.The PNR status of your IRCTC or Indian Railway ticket can easily be checked on our website.PNR status is the status of your booking ticket and it tells you whether your ticket is confirmed, waitlisted or reserved, etc.

PNR is a record which is stored in Indian Railway Database and these details are associated with a unique ten digit number. This reference number is called PNR and it is printed on the ticket.

Indian Railway PNR Status Check -

You can check your ticket PNR Status if your ticket is WL (waitlist) or RAC ( Reservation against cancellation) to know the current status of your ticket that it is confirmed or not.There are various way to check your PNR Status and few are -

How to check or get PNR Status by SMS -

There is two main way by which you can get your PNR Status and here we will discuss how to get PNR status against your Waitlist ticket.

(A) PNR Status by 139 SMS Service - This service is launched by IRCTC in order to help passenger to get their ticket PNR status.If you book a WL or RAC ticket then with the help of PNR Status by SMS service you can check your ticket is confirmed or not.

PNR Enquiry by SMS - PNR <10 digit PNR Number> send it to 139.

For Example - PNR 0123456789

(B) PNR Status by 5676747 SMS Service - With the help of this service you can Check your ticket PNR Status on Mobile.For this, you just need to send an SMS to below number.

PNR Status by SMS - PNR <10 digit PNR Number> send it to 5676747

For Example - PNR 0123456789

(C) PNR Status Railway Customer Care - You can also get your PNR Status on your Phone and for this just Dail *139#.

PNR Status Online -

You can also check your PNR Status online with the help of IRCTC online login portal.For this, just log in to your IRCTC account and enter your PNR number and find out your Ticket Status.

=> PNR Status Online

So here you know how to get PNR status by SMS.It is the very easy and simple way to get your PNR Status against your reservation.

With the help of above information, you can know your ticket confirmation information with the help of Mobile SMS.Indian Railway (IRCTC) also give online facilities to its user to get their Ticket PNR Status Online.

At last, if you like SMS PNR Enquiry Status post then share it with others.You can also leave a message in the comment box if still have any doubt or want more information.

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